August 2nd, 2007


YOU: Welcome O.J. Simpson to the show. Can you hear me buddy?

OJ: Yes, I can hear you buddy.

YOU: Alright buddy. Did you kill Nicole and Ron Goldman?

OJ: I'm having a little trouble hearing you. Um, I. . .

YOU: You know even today people think you were responsible.

OJ: That I was what?

YOU: Responsible.

OJ: Uhhh.

YOU: Okay, okay. If you didn't do it, who did it?

OJ: Michael Jackson.

YOU: Michael Jackson killed Nicole and Ron?

OJ: Yes.

YOU: You think this is a big joke, don't you?

OJ: There's humor sometimes in a little bit of everything.

YOU: Even in murder?

OJ: Yeah.

YOU: Okay, seriously Juice, if you didn 't do it. . . then who did it?

OJ: You did it.

YOU: I killed them?

OJ: Correct.

YOU: Okay, I've never even been to Brentwood. Seriously.

OJ: There's one guy I think could've been directly involved but, you know, I don't. . . I gotta wait for that.

YOU: Would his name happen to be Orenthal James Simpson?

OJ: Correct.

YOU: You did it.

OJ: Guilty.

YOU: About time. Would you do it again? Would you kill again?

OJ: I've had a couple of offers down the line, and if the moneys right. . . yeah, (laughs), at this point.

YOU: Well, alright then. Now, say that one word that everyone wants to hear one more time.

OJ: Guilty.

YOU: There we go. O.J. Simpson on (NAME OF YOUR SHOW).