Q: How do I change my password?

A: Select My Account at the top of your screen after you've logged in. Input your new information in the two fields in the right column that say New Password and Confirm Password. Then click Update Account to save your changes.


Q. I've forgotten my password.

A. Enter your email address at http://www.wisebrother.com/login/help/ to have a link emailed to you that will grant you temporary access to the site. You'll have 60 minutes to visit the My Account page to enter a replacement password.


Q. I've forgotten my username.

A. First, select "Forgot Password" to have a temporary access link emailed to you. Click the link and then select "My Account" at the top of your screen. You'll find your username listed in the right column, directly above the fields to create a new password.


Q. I can't get in with the username and password from your email.

A. Make sure your Caps Lock button is off. Our passwords are case sensitive.  

It may also help if you copy and paste the username and password to avoid the risk of typos.


Q. I just changed my password and now I can't get back in.

A. Since passwords are case sensitive, you'll need to reenter your password exactly the way you typed it when it was changed. For example, if your new password is "WiseBrother", your login won't work unless both the W and the B are capitalized.


Q. I tried to reset my password but it says my email is not on file.

A. That means the email address you've input is not the same address that's registered for your username. Try a different email address, or contact Service@WiseBrother.com to have a representative assist you.


Q. The temporary access link I used earlier isn't working any more.

A. Those are only active for 60 minutes to protect the security of your account. You'll need to create a new permanent password by going to "My Account" after you've successfully signed in using your next temporary access link.


Q. The only way I can login is by using the temporary password links.

A. Temporary access links don't alter your password. Your old password is still active until you go to "My Account" and replace it. And even then your changes won't take effect until you click the Update Account button.


Q. Can we use the same login or do I need to get my own?

A. Each person at the station should register for their own username. You can get your own username and password by joining our Studio Think Tank community and signing up for your free account, which we'll then authorize to access your station's services.


Q. Is there a limit to the number of users we can have?

A. There's no restriction on the number of users, however each person MUST work at the station under contract. Access for one station does not extend to any other stations in the cluster. Those stations would need to secure a separate contract for access.


Q. I'm new. Can you send me our station password?

A. We don't use one generic password for your account. Each person at your station is able to log in using their own unique username and password. You can get your own access by registering a new username within our Studio Think Tank community.


Q. Can I use my username from my previous station at my new station?

A. Absolutely! So long as your new station subscribes to our service, you'll be able to access whatever products they have contracted with us. Contact Robert Alan (Robert@WiseBrother.com) to initiate the username transfer.


Q: How do I change my email address?

A: Log in and select My Account at the top of your screen. The email address associated with your username is located in the lower left column. Just click Edit, change the address, and press the Update Account button when you're done.


Q. We need to remove a former employee's access and add new people to our account.

A. Email the details to Service@WiseBrother.com. A customer service representative will be happy to assist you in removing any former employees and setting up new users.

For each new user, we'll need their full name, email address and job position.